Project VIEWS2

, winner of the

2015 Washington Library Association President’s Award,

was conceived in response to public librarians and library directors across the state of Washington asking “how can we know whether the early literacy focus of our storytimes makes a difference for the children’s learning to read successfully?”

VIEWS2 Introduction

If adults take advantage of informal learning situations children are more likely to succeed.

The goal of this site is to help librarians, educators, parents, caregivers, et al. increase the effectiveness of their read-alouds, storytimes, and daily interactions by adding simple behaviors that will have a large impact. Valuable Initiatives in Early Learning that Work Successfully 2 (VIEWS2) explored the research-based idea that children progress faster when they are around adults who provide opportunities for them to develop early literacy concepts.

The VIEWS2 Team set out to find simple ways to increase or emphasize early literacy techniques while maintaining the delight inherent in storytime, thus encouraging and motivating children to read on their own. Research shows that if children haven’t heard certain sounds or languages by the time they are nine months old they have difficulty emulating them. The most successful readers are those who are exposed to literacy concepts through infancy and childhood.

It is so exciting to be a part of the cutting edge of research that empowers librarians to be the leaders in early childhood literacy that we have always been, but now with the authority that gives us confidence and enthusiasm to do what we need to do with focus and intent to make a big difference in early literacy and life long learning for our youngest patrons.

Gailene Hooper
Senior Librarian,
NCRL Republic Branch
VIEWS2 Experimental Librarian