Tools by Concept:

Alphabetic Knowledge
Language Use
Phonological Awareness
Print Concepts
Writing Concepts

Tools by Age:

Birth to 18 Months
18 to 36 Months
36 to 60 Months

Tip Sheets:

Alphabetic Knowledge Tip
Alphabetic Knowledge Tip 2
Communication Tip
Comprehension Tip
Comprehension Tip 2
Language Use Tip
Phonological Awareness Tip
Print Concepts Tip
Print Concepts Tip 2
Vocabulary Tip
Vocabulary Tip 2
Writing Concepts Tip
Writing Concepts Tip 2
Blank Tip Sheet


ALISE 2013 Poster
ALISE 2014 Abstract
ASIS&T 2014 Abstract – Campana, K., Brouwer, M., Bayo, I., Mills, J. & Capps, J., Burnett, K. & Feldman, E. (2014). Connecting Collections and Cultures By Creating a Community of Children’s Librarians Around Early Literacy Storytimes. Proceedings of the 77th Annual Meeting of the American Society for Information Science and Technology.
ASIS&T 2014 Poster
Children and Libraries Article – Mills, J. E., Bayo Urban, I., Campana, K., & Nelson, J. T. (Winter 2014). Hooray for research: A glimpse at an early literacy project. Children & Libraries. p. 32.
iConference 2014 Abstract

Don’t forget to check the Children’s section of your local public library’s website (or other larger libraries across the country) for additional resources! Pinterest can be a great resource for craft ideas.

Winner of the 2015 Washington Library Association President’s Award

The bottom line is that it is important for children to be prepared to learn to read and we have learned through the research that they are learning from the time of birth.

Dr. Eliza T. Dresang